Amalfi Coast, Italy


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2 Golf Bags, 1 Happy Couple

Traveling and Golfing the World


We started with a goal to golf all 50 US States and completed that in 2010.  See our Golf@US50 page for our journey.  What next?  The World of course! See our Golf the World page for our golf and travel adventures outside of the US.  And with Liz, a Marriott International veteran, why not try to "hit" every Marriott Golf resort too - you can learn about our Bonvoy experiences on our Golf Marriott page!


In between our travels we make time for charitable and fun events, which can be seen on our

Golf Fun, Games and Charities page.


While we get a round of golf in during our travels, the experiences reach far beyond the greens - check out our Travel & Adventures page for our non-golf experiences!

Full Photo Books of our various adventures can be found here.


Thank you for visiting our site and we hope that you will pick up golf and travel tips that will inspire you to create wonderful memories of your own.

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