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About US

Hi, we are Liz and Jeff!  

We met in 1985 and we're still going strong. Both musicians, we crossed paths at the club February's on Long Island NY where a mutual friend was gigging.   Fast forward to our wedding in 1992 and starting to golf in 1995.  Jeff caught the golf bug first (he played when he was young) and "pulled" Liz along by gifting her with golf lessons.  Such a smart move.  Spouses/Partners - don't even try to teach - leave that to the amazing PGA/LPGA Professionals.   


In 1997 we vacationed in Colorado, our first "golf state" outside of the Tri-State area (NY/NJ/CT) and on the flight home Liz in passing said to Jeff, "We should golf in all 50 states".  Thirteen years later we "hit" every state with a giant map and 50 sticker plus 50 golf balls on display to prove it...and an article in Newsday!


Welcome to our adventures.  We love traveling together, see the wonders of the world, and golfing on amazing courses.Jeff is the master golf course selector, and a great golfer.  Liz selects the best Marriott hotels (when locations are available) and her golf game is not too shabby (Liz is more in it for the walking and beauty - but definitely takes the game seriously)!  


Liz's work in the travel industry and Jeff, an entrepreneur, allows great opportunities to take to the air, hit the roads... and links.  


You can follow us on InstraGram - our handle is golfandtravels.


Pebble Beach, CA

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