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Itinerary: Switzerland/Northern Italy

  • We flew into Zurich.

  • Took Train to Lucerne. Spent 1 night. Add on a 2nd if you have time!

  • From Lucerne took 3 trains to Wengen. The larger town is Interlaken, but Wengen is the perfect location, a middle-size town, plenty of restaurants and hotels and access to Trains and Trams - close to Jungfrau and Shilthorn.

  • We went back to Lucerne and then headed down to Lake Como (6 trains and 8 hours later). Breathtaking beauty! You can skip the "Scenic" Train - you get the same views!

  • Lake Como for 2 days - good!

  • Then a less than 1 hours train to Milan. 2 days is plenty - unless you love to shop!

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