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Little Sandy, Amelia Island, FL at the Omni Resort, Nov 2023

Thanks to our cousin’s wedding, we spent the weekend at the Omni Beach Resort, on Amelia

Island, FL where they have this super fun Par 3, 10-hole golf course build around a lake. What

does that mean?! Water is in play on every hole!

The golf round costs about $50.00 (Nov 2023) and comes with a “Sunday-Bag” including 5 Clubs ranging from a 9-Iron to a Sand Wedge. Mini Tees are included, but not golf balls.

Bring your own or you can purchase some there!

It’s an easy walk and the round will take 60-90 minutes (depending on the groups in front of

you!). The hole distances range from 45 – 115 yards. Each hole has its unique challenges (even the 45 yard one) as undulating fairways and greens are plentiful, target shots are needed, and most greens run down to the lake. Thankfully the lake’s edges are shallow, so we were able to find the balls that found their way into the water! Holes 6 and 10 have a carry completely over the water (although Hole 6 there is a forward tee for those that prefer to keep their ball dry!).

Entertaining music is playing on each hole, and there are 2 lounge chairs with an umbrella on

almost every hole too, so if there is a wait, or you have some guests walking with you, there is a place to rest for a few moments, if needed.

Group outings are welcomed, and we are thankful we were part of one with a “shotgun” start and tons of fun with family and golfers of various experience.

A great way to enjoy a nice day, spoil a walk and practice your short game! If you get to this

area, we highly recommend giving Little Sandy a try.

NOTE: The Omni Resort also has a traditional golf course called Oak Marsh. We did not have time to play, so we are excited to have a reason to come back!

ABOUT THE RESORT: Little Sandy is at the edge of the “Omni Village” where you can enjoy

shops, restaurants, games and a Spa. It’s an easy walk or you can take a hotel shuttle. There is also parking. And there is a great Market with homemade Ice Cream - yum! There is an

abundance of wonderful walking and biking paths too! One of the best highlights of the resort is all the hotel rooms face the Ocean and you can enjoy the sunrise from your balcony!

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