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Switzerland Golf, August 2019

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

About a 20 minute taxi ride from Lucerne, we enjoyed a spectacular round of golf surrounded by the Swiss Alps! The course is called Golf Sempachersee of Club Golf. We played the Lakeside course (there is also a Woodside course). This was "curvaceous" and in pristine condition with hills, valleys, twists and turns. It's a relatively short course and took less than 4 hours to play - including stopping to take pictures and videos - and we enjoyed every minute... especially the 8th hole - our most memorable! After putting out on 7 it's a very long walk through a "forest-like" path that opens up to a spectacular Par 5 Dogleg Right. Several blind shots and a small hidden green with a high shrubbery "wall" and a forced-carry awaits you. The green is also situated between two ponds (fun!). This hole was also the first one with beautiful purple wild flowers and our first cow-siting (and cow-bell "hearing"!). The course has great signage. Holes 1 - 11 (rather than 9) take you back by the Clubhouse where you then move on to holes 12-18. There are "Swiss"-water fountains in several places, so bring your re-usable water bottle and fill up for free - it's cold, fresh and clean. Breathtaking!

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