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The Top of Europe - Jungfrau, Switzerland

From Wengen we took a train to Kleine Scheidegg, and then the Jungfrau express all the way through the mountain to the top, which is 3454m / 11,333ft - the highest point in Europe! It's an amazing engineering masterpiece. The brainchild and vision of Adolf Geller in 1893 - the site opened in 1912. Exquisite views (on clear days - which we had! Note: The train station has webcams to see the top of the mountain so you know if it's clear enough and worth the trip) and several exhibits and activities to enjoy (Ice Palace, Plateau, Snow Fun, Lindt Chocolate shop and more). Plan on a 3 hour visit and opening your wallet as the train and entry tickets are pricey (and not included in Swiss Travel Pass - but you do get a 25% discount!). Bundle up and enjoy the fresh air, fun, views and awe!

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