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Gleneagles – Centenary Course. Host of the 2014 Ryder Cup, Scotland July 2015

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

The Gleneagles grounds consist of a resort, three (and ½) golf courses and several other activities including Falconry. Of the three courses, the Centenary was the home of the 2014 Ryder Cup – so that is the most popular course and the one we played.


However, once we got to Scotland and started chatting with the locals, they all recommended the King Course, because it is more traditional. The other course is called the Queen Course, both of which are James Braid designs. Jack Nicklaus designed the Centenary course. There is also a Par 3 9 hole course that we were told was a ton of fun to play, but we unfortunately did not leave time to fit that in.

We played with a terrific kid (17) Jamie and his dad PJ, coincidentally also from NYC! They were on a family golf trip with mom Jill and younger brother Charlie who enjoyed the Par 3 course while we played the Centenary. Jamie is a great player out-driving Jeff many times! The course is very long and hilly with some long walks between tee-boxes (a trolly was quite the effort to push - better to carry your clubs if you can or get a Caddie!) and is a parkland American-style course. The course was very lush and green with lots of fescue and tons of bunkers – you know - the usual!

But it was pretty neat to walk in the shoes of both the Americans and Europeans who played during the Ryder Cup! If you get here, plan on 2 ½ rounds (Centenary, King and the Par 3).

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