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Yes - Pebble Beach!

CA_ Pebble Beach - June 2012

Only 90 minutes south of Half Moon Bay is the Monterey Peninsula and home of the legendary Pebble Beach. And although they were not Marriotts as we passed through on our way down to Palm Desert how could we not play a round or two in the Pebble Beach complex!

A mulligan at Pebble Beach Golf Links ten years later! Even though we said it was once in a lifetime, after calling the day prior to see if a Tee-time happen to be available - and it was! - it’s now an every 10-year plan.

A second thrilling walk through the footsteps of the greats, our round at Pebble Beach was just as wonderful as the first time. Jeff par’d 1 and 2 - and birdie’d 18, Liz par’d 4! In between lets just say we had a great time! We shared the round with Chris (and his wife along for the ride) and Mike, as well as Nick our Caddie and Gabe Mike’s Caddie. We had lots of laughs, some great shots and not so great shots - and rumor had it Arnold Palmer was in the restaurant - perhaps he saw Jeff’s Birdie on 18!?!

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